The Paris trade show: a dozen random things we learnt whilst there!

The Paris trade show: a dozen random things we learnt whilst there!

Trade shows! Both way more boring than people imagine and yet way more surreal!

We have no explanation

We have no explanation

These shows are for people working in the industry; for brands, they are a chance to show buyers and trade press our styles for the next 12 months or so, talk through any issues in person, and also meet suppliers, sales agents, and colleagues. So, basically a thriving hub of gossip, dressed up as commerce.

A Jolidon one off piece

Our year kicks off with a trip to Paris, which could be a lovely holiday except that what it actually involves are early starts long days in full hair, make-up and heels and 4 of us sharing two small rooms. This year we had bonus snow, which made it much prettier, but also meant we saw fewer visitors – problematic when you’ve paid thousands of pounds to be there. But it meant we had way more time than usual to write things and take pictures and so on, so here’s a selected excerpt! We’ve also done some videos but you’ll have to wait for those.

Our new demi corset
Things we learnt:

Major labels don’t seem to know how to put a busk in properly (no, we won’t tell you who).

Elastane content is REALLY important – and getting expensive; rubber is increasing in price, so high street brands are reducing the amount they use.

Turns out some of our garments are made using fabric made in Britain! I had no idea anyone was making fabric here, but apparently so.

We have no idea how much paper is wasted on documents no-one seems to get any use out of, buts its LOTS. Presumably this is to justify the existence of the marketing department. We don’t know what they were on this year but it was a very peculiar show:

Holy Batpants!

It is impossible to put any of the Elle garments on and not make swooshy movements. There’s a new knicker, you’ll have to wait for the video though.


White carpet is a very poor choice, especially in slush.

You can get very bored of baguettes.

My French is not good enough to argue about disability access issues.

Our Parisian interviewer was shocked when we said people in London go clubbing in KMD lingerie. Send pictures please?

Jessica loves corsets too much. Seriously. The rest of us chose lunch over corsets. I’m going to have to set a reminder on my phone to tell her to stop when she goes to Moda on her own for us.

We did manage to coax her out to do a stockings demo though

Nobody has a good experience in Parisian hotels, or at least not ones near the exhibition centre; we had one with a completely none-functional toilet!

Do not wear Sloggi seam free laser cut microfibre shorties over your vargas roll on girdle as they slide down and end up round your knees. Still, it’s not the first time I’ve taken off my knickers in the street behind the exhibition centre and I’m sure it won’t be the last!

Cervin brought a new shade of pink that matches our pink for June! Very happy