Lovebomb 2013 - send us a loveletter?

Lovebomb 2013 - send us a loveletter?

We say we’re an independent brand, but how many of you know what that means?

Does it mean we:

a) have no political affiliation?

b) play guitars in a rock band with dubious haircuts at the weekend?

c) are very small companies, often one person only, with no corporate investors or support structures behind us?

The answer is, of course, c. Some independent brands manage to find some funding, but plenty of us are living knicker-to-mouth. I got interviewed at Paris by someone who asked us how we were funded – grants, investors, a board of directors – and said no, none of those, we just sell stuff and then pay people.

“But how did you find the money to start then?”

“I rang my bank, told them I was getting married, got a personal loan and spent it all on lingerie”.

Apparently this is not what people expect. I have to say the hardest part of that was that the lovely woman I spoke to was deeply, deeply excited that I was getting married and I felt quite guilty about telling her fibs!

Anyway, since then we somehow managed to drag our way up to employing proper people properly and making lots more lingerie and a bunch of related stuff and moving half of it back to being made in the UK and all sorts . . . and last year we decided that Valentines was a great time to talk to people about being an independent brand AND give some lingerie away!

This year, we’re doing it all again! With a love letter photoshoot, shot by Anna Swiczeniuk, Miss Miranda modelling, and these excellent Lily Lewis hats. She nearly didn’t get the one in the picture back, it’s a heart shaped pillbox hat!

Every day there’s going to be a new picture with a new giveaway. This pictures shows one of our Lydia suspenders which just so happen to perfectly colour match Playful Promises Paradise set, and it’s shown with a Velda Lauder underbust corset.

This year we’re going first!

I would like to hear what your most loved Kiss Me Deadly piece is (you don’t have to own it!).

You can see all our current ones here, and our archive and some future styles here.

Link to one and tag us (kissmedeadlylingerie) on any of these:





whatever blog you use

just try and make sure we know about it! The more you do the more chances to win you have.

At the end of the Lovebomb, on the 14th February 2013, we’ll put all of your names into a hat and the lucky winner will get a £300 voucher to spend online or in our London boutique!