The Lingerie Addict wears the Cherie Teddy

The Lingerie Addict wears the Cherie Teddy

I'm always very happy when Cora uses anything from KMD in her shoots, and it's amazing to see her really develop her skills as a stylist over the years.  This time round she's taken one of our most authentic vintage pieces - the Cherie Teddy was pretty much directly taken from a vintage 50's piece* I found -  but featured it in a thoroughly contemporary shoot. You can see the rest here - and it's worth reading.

Photography: Bảo Ngô
Makeup: Daylin Laine
Styling: Cora Harrington, The Lingerie Addict

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If you'd like your own Cherie then you can find them here - they're in very limited amounts, mind.

*which some a-hole stole at a trade show. These days they give us lockboxes, so much stuff used to go walkabout!