The Great Big Photo Competition - win anything from 20% off to a £350 gift voucher!

The Great Big Photo Competition - win anything from 20% off to a £350 gift voucher!

UPDATE;  OK so I hear that I made this too hard :)  I'll extend the deadline to the 25th March and also yes, I promise to do a general photo competition later in the year when I've recruited an assistant!

Do you know what I haven't done for over 12 months? A big photoshoot. 

Basically, my illnesses have been getting worse, we don't know why, getting hospital treatments sorted has been tricky, and finding the physical and mental whereabouts to sort out a date with Morgana, multiple models, a pile of weaponry, someone to drive, an assistant and possibly someone to help with hair and make-up has very, very much not been something I managed. 

TLDR? check you have a garment on the list below. Take a picture (modelled! tips below). Email it to me by the 25th March with consent for me to use it online. You can send as many as you want, but prizes are limited to one per person. Doesn't matter where you are in the world. Prizes range from 20% off to a £350 giftcard.

This is Rebecca who has won a lot of our competitions before - admittedly she used a professional photographer here. I have no idea where they found the flamingo though!

I need to get it together (Lou's going to help, but if you have anything that would help us represent Truth, Liberty or Justice you would be prepared to loan us, do please email!)  but in a flash of the blindingly obvious, I realised we can probably help each other out here.

Take a great, modelled shot of one of the items below, share it with me with permission to use it, and you could win anything from 20% off your next order to a £350 gift voucher!

Bettie Page Red Marabou Robe and Babydoll

Bettie Page Wine Lingerie Skirt

Audrey Amethyst (will also accept Rose version)

Steinem (especially the black)

Wine Doren Bra and High Waist Brief

Wine Vargas

Velvet Doren in wine or blue (not green, can't get the fabric anymore!)

Vilette Skirt

Cherie Teddy in Wine

Black Cherry Bra and Brief

Polka Dot Bra and Brief

Chevron Girdle

Lace Girdle

Aubergine Girdle

Pink Girdle

Pretty much any of the corsets, especially if we made you a custom one!

Red Fan Lace Girdle (not from this batch as that will take too long but some of you have them from a couple of years ago; only red, sorry!)

This is Amaryllis, who has won many many things, though in this case it was a customisation competition. I am mildly concerned about how many faux weapons she possesses.

This time round we are not doing pictures of pets in bras :)

So if you have one of the garments above (or you get one in the sale this week!), I'm looking for a  really great modelled photo!   That means on a person, not a mannequin. Here's some tips

  • Show the product clearly, usually from the front, cheating on fit is allowed (we clip, pad and pin for shoots and we admit it)
  • Do not show anything that will get me chucked off facebook again
  • Show the product in colour, as accurately as possible
  • Contrast the product on the person with the background (this is why so many people use plain backgrounds)
  • Bonus points for weapons or implied general femme fatale-ness
  • Doesn't need to be professional, but equally getting a good shot as a selfie is hard.
  • Doesn't have to show your face - people have hidden behind hats, capes, careful cropping, bits of scenery, and heck knows what else.
  • For posing tips, Maz wrote a guide a while back!

Autumn Sky is demonstrating both hiding your face AND taking a selfie that manages to show the lingerie, in detail, against a contrast background, though!

Logan has won the most competitions ever, but please remember if you're shooting outside not to do cause lasting drama with neighbours.

Once you have got your shot (or shots);

  • Email it to
  • Deadline 19th February
  • Double-check and let me know that you absolutely have and give permission for me to use the image on the website and social media! Selfies shouldn't be complicated but if you had help or you worked with someone else to model then they all need to consent.

I will be handing out:

  • 20% off your next order for anyone who sends a usable photo
  • 3 £100 vouchers for runners up
  • 1 £350 voucher for the bestest!

But listen, best doesn't mean the most fancy or edited - it means the one that shows the product best in the most KMD way.  I've selected a few images from the archive for some pointers.

 I've always loved this image, though it probably wouldn't quite meet the "show the most of the product you can aspect of this (the longline girdle is ours), but it's beautifully clear, unusual styling, involved Black Milk, you can't tell who it is and also, CAT.

I seem to recall that Georgina of Fuller Bust Fuller Figure likes natural daylight backlighting and it certainly works here. Lele paired her KMD Jezebel knicker with a bra from another brand - which makes sense given that we don't do All The Sizes, though bonus points if you use a guest brand for that.


This picture won a previous competition for being AWESOME, but it wouldn't be right this time round simply because the heavy edit means it's not the best representation of the garments fabric and so on (it's the Jolie with a red roll-on)


On the other hand this edit, which is also highly stylised, still shows the texture of the fabric and so on.


You could of course enlist friends for a fancier shot! But this one (whilst VERY Bettie Page) doesn't actually show much of the underwear, and in some cases we do need to see the colour so black and white might be out (which is a shame cos everything is easier in black and white).


If you want to not feel like you're just in your scanties then, like Missa Blue, you can add a lot of accessories - though watch out as again too much in the way of corsetry and jewellery can end up concealing the product.  I think this is why i tend to end up on hats, but they're a pain if you want to do multiple garments as they will mess up your hair changing!

Lastly here's a shot of me that we ended up not using and that I don't think is all that great. We happened to be in a VERY insta-worthy Airbnb flat (hence the out of place modern entryway thingy)  and it had this huge light that you can use for that film noir effect - especially handy for making yourself mildly unecognisable and also not having to do full make-up (studio lighting bleaches you out).

We used the amateurs trick; take about 400 different shots from lots of angles, keep moving and pray to god something works out! I wasn't wild about this one - not enough product in view, not my best angle, and I think I should have worn shoes. We ended up using a completely unplanned one where I was making a rude gesture at my friend instead, and it wasn't good enough for the site. What can I say folks - I am neither a model nor a role-model!

I look forward to your pictures - over the years deadlies have sent in some amazing shots!