No-model Egg Competition Winners!

No-model Egg Competition Winners!

An embarrassingly long time ago (Easter), we ran a no-model competition, where you decorate a lingerie egg! Then I got completely tangled up in being ill combined with endless factory issues and totally failed to post about them. So here it is.

BunnyGlitterGun won with this epically detailed version of the Playful Promise Adira collection, plus dark styling and of course, cape.

Lou is in charge of technical design and production so she isn't allowed to win, but I thought this might amuse you anyway.


Erin followed on from our hidden illness series - she too is "chronically fabulous", as Jessica Kellgren-Fozard puts it.

Kira immaculately recreated the Basbleu and the Kliterati, including tiny tassels and garter tab ribbons (yes, I know, some of you hate those).

And Yasmin, who I should confess once did some work experience with us, created an eggcellent effort with some egg on egg action and glittery sheer briefs!