Easter 2018; the annual no-model lingerie egg competition and egg hunt!

  • By Catherine Clavering

Easter 2018; the annual no-model lingerie egg competition and egg hunt!

 It's Easter and Easter means two things here. 

ONE: I've put  SIX TINY EGGS ON THE SITE. They're all hidden in product descriptions, they're much smaller than shown above, and they have 6 offers including free post anywhere, 20% off sitewide, and 30% off the Basbleu. I think last time we checked we had several hundred products so . . . . good luck finding them! 

I've been told that this is officially Too Hard this year, so, here are some cryptic clues. Each of them relates to a product, the eggs are at the top of the product description:

Want to get witchy and celebrate?
Bardot you don't
Diamonds are forever but Sapphire gets you . . .
Can you post a corset?
Damson can keep you in suspense
Don't be late (x) to the party!

TWO: Lingerie Egg Competition!
Most people are not totally enthused about lingerie pictures, which is sad but understandable in a world of body image issues and "what if my colleagues see this?"

Eggs might not seem like the best models, but they sit still, you can glue any amount of glitter to them, and you can leave it overnight if you're tired. In the last few years Deadlies have gotten seriously creative and made entire stories, used paint, fabrics, glue, fimo, found enormous eggs big enough for their actual corsets, made origami outfits, recreated garment in miniature form including ruffles, and heck knows what else. Also, we get to do loads of bad egg puns. I mean even that was technically an egg pun, look at it. You've been warned.

To see eggxamples, check out herehere and here!

So here's the rules! (pretty simples)

1) Get some eggs. Yes, previous years have included everything from standard kitchen fare to coco-de-mer, but honestly, anything goes. Plus you get to eat them later, at least if you use non-toxic glues and paints.

2) Decorate them in lingerie! Bonus points for managing a KMD design.

3) Take a picture.

4) Email it to us ( with permission for us to post it online or post it yourself to one of these:

Kiss Me Deadly Facebook
Kiss Me Deadly Instagram
Kiss Me Deadly Twitter

Tag us (kissmedeadlylingerie) or we won't know!

5) Wait for a winner!

You have a bit over two weeks -  deadline is Friday the 13th (April 2018) because of course it is.

The winner gets a £250 voucher to spend with us! 

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