Mind the gap

Mind the gap

There's been lots of interest in our highly anticipated fan laced girdle ever since we released photos of the prototype we made last year, and understandably you've all been very curious about this unusual garment.
The most common enquiry we've had is about the fit of the girdle. As it's not quite like anything we've made before - part girdle, part corset - many of you have wondered how much stretch the fabric has, how the sizes measure up, and what it means when we say that it's actually MORE flexible in terms of size than our standard girdles!
The main body of the fabric is a heavy opaque satin, which, unlike our other girdles, is more or less non-stretch. This is because we needed a study fabric that would hold up to the daily wear and tear of cinching the ribbons. So, how is it possible for it to be more flexible in size, I hear you ask? 

This is because, like a corset, you can leave a gap at back, giving you several more inches to play with. The back can be left open or closed, according to your personal style. And whilst you won't be tightlacing it as you might with a corset, the design, with its upper and lower points of cinching, allows you to pull the ribbon closed it in a way best fitted to your individual shape.

For example, if you have a small waist circumference and wide-set hips, you can wear the top set of ribbons closed, and the bottom set with a gap, and the garment will still look amazing. Likewise if you have a narrow waist and hips, you can wear the garment with both sets closed; or if you like the look of the girdle with a gap, you can size down. 

If you're still unsure you can always check our size chart - this style is in line with our standard S-XL sizes - though bear in mind, you've probably got at least an extra 7.5 cm of flexibility whilst still remaining in proportion, though with larger sizes you could push that up to about 12.5 cm or more. 
And of course, if you have any questions, you can always ask us!
Happy fan-lacing!
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