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About our size range

Despite the best efforts of the EU, there is no longer much real agreement on what measurements constitute a certain size. This can make life quite difficult, but it allows different brands to cater for different groups of people; you can be the same size at age 18 and age 30, but you’ll probably be a different shape - and that’s assuming you haven’t changed sizes a few times during those years!

Like any other clothing, some lingerie styles will help you look your fabulous self, and some maybe won’t do much for you, so it’s worth trying a few different styles from us, especially as we introduce new ones regularly.

As a general rule we tend to make our items for people who are bigger in the rear than up top. Women come in all shapes and sizes and our choice of what we make is based on the market, not what we think you should look like.

That market thing: we’re a tiny brand. We only employ three people full time. You can count the numbers of items we make in the hundreds, not the tens of thousands that high street stores and supermarkets manage, and that means we have to choose the fastest and best-selling sizes and shapes. You can read more about our choices of sizes (and especially bra sizes) here.

We have been trying to expand the range of sizes we do as fast as we can, but it’s often a choice between spending thousands of pounds on new sizes, or on new styles in sizes that always sell. For the moment we’re going to be doing the latter, mostly because to keep our prices low we’re having to buy many more of each item than we used to.

For those of you who are outside of the current size range, we’re really sorry about this, and we’ll get back to doing more sizes when the government stops the recession. That’s a promise!