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We like big pants! And we're British so we call them pants and knickers, but we also do high waisted, briefs, shorties, pantygirdles, but we fell out with thongs years ago.

Ayten Dusk Silk Knickers £29.00Ayten Dusk Silk Ouvert Knickers £37.00Ayten Fringed Gift Set £89.00Ayten Fringed Ouvert Knicker £37.00Ayten Graphite Gift Set £89.00Ayten Graphite Silk Ouvert Knicker £39.00Ayten Sheer Ouvert Knicker £39.00Blue Tempest High Waist Brief £28.00Jacquotte Brief £28.00Leopard Van Doren Knicker £17.00Peacock Sirena Brief £29.00Peacock Sirena Ouvert Brief £32.00Pre-Order Virgin Lace Ouvert High Waist Brief £59.00Peach Silk Ida Brief £25.00Ivory Van Doren Knicker £29.00Van Doren Seamed Shortie £27.00Virgin Lace Brief £16.25Van Doren Pin Up Knicker £18.00Bye Bye Mein Herr Shaping Brief £49.90Bye Bye Mein Herr Short £35.00Cinnamon Falling In Love Shaping Brief £39.00Cinnamon Falling In Love Short £32.90Cinnamon Falling In Love Thong £30.00Cinnamon Falling In Love Waist Cincher £49.90Cream Scene d'Amour Short £32.00Cream Scene d'Amour Thong £30.00Falling In Love Chestnut Short £32.90Falling In Love Chestnut Thong £30.00Falling In Love Chestnut Waist Cincher £48.00Falling in Love Mulberry Cincher £49.90Falling in Love Mulberry Shaping Brief £39.00Falling in Love Mulberry Short £32.90Falling in Love Mulberry Thong £30.00Falling In Love Pearl Cincher £49.90Falling In Love Pearl Short £32.90Falling in Love Pearl Thong £30.00Scene d'Amour Short £32.00Scene d'Amour Thong £30.00