Lovebomb: Fraulein Kink

Lovebomb: Fraulein Kink

Fraulein Kink isn’t, technically speaking, lingerie. But then she doesn’t exactly fit neatly into any boxes really, and I generally like stuff that isn’t nicely categorised, at least outside of data management exercises.

Her styles are part accessory, part erotica, part sensual texture, and a whole lot of fun – fringed eye masks, feathery and lace cuffs, glittering delicate chains, and the odd bit of velvet and leather. I have a horrible suspicion that if I owned any of her pieces, I would have to keep them far, far away from my cats – even though she says all her handmade items are “reinforced enough that you can use them for real bedroom play”, I’m not sure that persistent cat mauling is what she’s referring too!

Anyway, for her giveaway, the fringed eye mask shown in the image is the prize, along with a hefty shop discount, and to win, you have to answer this question: What is your favourite thing about Fraulein Kink? Post your answers on her Facebook page, Twitter, or email them to her. The winner will be selected on Tuesday Feb 7th 2012.

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