Lovebomb: Ayten Gasson

  • By Catherine Clavering

Lovebomb: Ayten Gasson



I have to be nice about Ayten because she would come round and beat me up and not let me borrow her mannequins any more if I don’t!

But seriously, any of you who read regularly probably know that Ayten and myself work together quite often on events, and she’s taught me quite a bit about making things look pretty (not one of my top skills, in all honesty; too clumsy and impatient) and about actual sewing – did you know all her garments have a rolled seam rather than the usual overlock for extra comfort? It takes way longer to do, which is part of what makes her stuff cost more than ours. The other part is that its all made out of silk and lace. I love silk, so she bribes me to write her press releases with chemises and bedjackets! I use a writing style I call “Mills and Boob” for these; its for higher end lingerie brands that aren’t overtly sexual but are frequently bought by men for their lovers! It contains way too many adjectives and far too many references to evenings in.

Anyway – her giveaway is two of the Lara set which you can see here on Jessica in lemon yellow, also available in a citrus green. Sign up for her mailing list to win these, and there will be three runners up who get a pair of special cerise Lovebomb silk knickers. RT or talk about them on twitter between now and the 11th for the knickers.

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