Lovebomb 2013: Paolita

  • By Catherine Clavering

Lovebomb 2013: Paolita


I blame Paolita entirely for the fact that this years collection has become COLOURFUL and that we have prints. Crazy. This is what happens when you start sharing a space with someone who loves neon colour and exotic, clashing prints. I blame it on sunshine, I really do. It’s like it got into her soul.

This is Anna’s most restrained design – she has a plan to get me into neon yellow this summer, which so isn’t happening, I will look like I have jaundice for heaven’s sake – and you should definitely go and take a look at their shiny new website!

Loveletter photoshoot, shot by Anna Swiczeniuk, Miss Miranda modelling, and excellent Lily Lewis hats.
Paolita will be giving a£150 voucher to spend at their online shop or boutique, plus 2 runners up will win a lace bikini top each

To take part:

1: Sign up to the Paolita Newsletter on their website


2: Email them at with the subject ‘Lovebomb’


3: Share our Love bomb picture on their Facebook page


Winners will be selected through a draw.

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