Kickstarter Thank You's!

  • By Catherine Clavering

Kickstarter Thank You's!

There's about 100 folk who've either already had parcels, plus a pile on the way, plus some waitig for demi-corsets and/or garter pockets, but basically, we're close to completing the Kickstarter. And by completing I mean "I am spending my spare time working on the feedback survey" ;)

Anyway - some people pledged JUST FOR FUN. Yep, they didn't get any knickers, and mostly seemed bemused by our offerings of chap-hop, so as far as I can tell they were just in it because they thought we were amusing. We asked them all how they wanted to be known, and here's the list. Thanks folks - to all of you who pledged, from £1 to £500,  there are 5 product ranges on the site now that would never have existed without you!

Luke Noir, J, Avigayil at  Lingerie Detective, Kelly, Caroline Eden Rolf, Trudi McLaren, Logan, Viktor Ericksen, Marie Jensen, Laurel, Steven Ellis, Anja from Everyday Boudoir, Lalix, Philmore Clague, Guru, and last but not least a confused owl known as Akeripper.

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