Deadly Egg painting competition

Deadly Egg painting competition

There were some fabulous entries to our egg-decorating competition this year, alongside some eggceptional puns. (I'll admit that was not one of them). 

First up: we loved this charming entry from Juanita, complete with epic battle scenes, dragons, and egg characters armed to the teeth!

'These poor chicks were ambushed by Mr. Scales and his cousin Georgina, so they had to run out and fight in their undies to avoid getting fried. I managed to get some pics of them wielding their weapons eggspertly, so I'm sending em' in for the Easter competition! 

Ms. Isa-shell-a Cage wears, of course, the Isabella cage cut out bra with the matching knickers seen on the model, in a sprightly orange shade. Ms. Lola Luscious wears the Lola babydoll, with some added floral embroidery. She was just styling her hair like Morgana's for the day when she was eggstracted from her boudoir.'


'Ms. Cobalt Cabaret and Minty Menace didn't want to be left out of the eggciting recording of their eggstraordinary victory, so here they are! Ms. Cobalt wears a blue set inspired by the Cabaret bikini bottom and Gina bra. As for the Minty Menace, well, she's just wearing her own eggsperiment with lingerie design.'


Fine work, Juanita!

The entry below from Megan in Madagascar gets points for being fun AND educational - plus we were amused by the presence of a puzzled-looking Guinea Pig :)

'The purple corset is shown on an Elephant Bird egg. The Elephant Birds went extinct in about 1500 (more or less, depends on the source) and they looked a bit like an ostrich, only 10x larger. On occasion, their eggs are found in southern Madagascar (semi-fossilized, and almost always in pieces which locals put back together) and they just happen to fit a size 26 corset very well. 

The suspender is featured on another interesting natural curiosity - a cocoa-de-mer. It is the world's largest seed, and is only found in Seychelles. And, as you can see, it's a very good model for underthings. Maybe a little too good- is this a NSFW photo? 

You'll also find some other lovely KMD goodies on the table, along with some vaguely egg-shaped minerals I've collected in Madagascar. 

(Guinea Pig shown for scale. My rabbits refused to get on the table.)'


Logan's entry (above) was christened 'voodoo egg' due to the presence of the decidedly punctured pincushion doll in the shot - we definitely don't want to mess with this Deadly egg!

'Here’s my deadly egg! She’s up to no good, as expected… (Although I just use the doll for sewing.) 

She’s wearing my favourite set, the Tempest, but in a colourway that I’ve had my fingers crossed over for a few years! *hint hint* ;)'

We're loving the little wine-demi corset on the middle egg from Sarah!

Finally, this entry from Anna cracked us up (ahem). Recognise the style this design is based on?

'Here's my entry for the egg decorating competition.

Thank you for giving me an excuse to spend Easter Monday painting eyelashes and stockings onto an egg after sculpting legs for my egg and other props for it, I've thoroughly enjoyed myself!'