Keep away from the windows. Somebody might ... blow you a kiss.

Keep away from the windows. Somebody might ... blow you a kiss.

Kiss Me Deadly – Classic Suspenders and Girdles made in the UK!

They always say that blondes have more fun, that the good girls always come out on top, and well, that’s just a lie, isn’t it? If you’ve ever seen a sultry femme fatale like Barbara Stanwyk or Rita Hayworth, beautifully poised, totally in control, and wrapping some poor silly man round her little finger, you just know she knows how to have a better time than some simpering ‘nice’ girl.

Kiss Me Deadly lingerie celebrates the femme fatale in all her stylish glory, with lingerie that perfectly reflects the poised, sculptured look of film noir’s most attractive, vampish women, and fits perfectly with so many outfits, from your smartest contemporary business-wear to a fun 40s retro look.

The Kiss Me Deadly permanent range encompasses a wide range of girdles and suspender belts, all made in the UK, covering a range of styles and all with a tailored feel and a sexy, dangerous edge.

Our items range in price from £25 to £40, and each item comes in a six garter tab style, with all metal fastenings throughout, for longer-lasting style, and suspense you can rely on. The styles are shown worn with Cervin pure nylon 50s style stockings, available in both classic and fabulous fashion shades. The roll-on girdle pictured is also available in blue or pink, to match Cervin’s seamed and contrast top stockings.

At Kiss Me Deadly, we recognise that many women feel comfortable in vintage styles and seek out contemporary clothing that hearkens back to the 40’s and 50’s. But while the kitsch, colourful pin-up look is great for some, others prefer a more sophisticated, sleek look with an edge. We specialise in femme fatale glamour, with limited editions and colourways available for one season only, to guarantee exclusivity to our customers. All our items come with metal garter tabs, for all day suspense, and modern fabrics, for an easy, comfortable fit that will adapt to pretty much any body-shape.