Find us a new stockist and win a £100 voucher - get them addicted and your name will be in our range!

Find us a new stockist and win a £100 voucher - get them addicted and your name will be in our range!

On Sunday I went to see one of my favourite lingerie stores. Naturally, I claimed this was commercial research, but I don't think my friend ws remotely fooled - they know as well as you do I'd likely slip up and end up with a new bra!

Thing is, the shop had gone. Closed, no lights, no stock, no new address.

Thank heavens I also had some new images arrive yesterday or I'd be so depressed!

This seems to be happening often in the UK. Is it like this in the rest of the world?  Although we have and office and staff for sending stock out to retailers, we don't have anyone full time keeping track of shops or stores across the globe and I have to admit that when I focus on it, I often start to wonder - where are you all buying your pants from?!

So it seems like a good time to remind you all that if you help us get a new stockist by talking to them about us and vice versa, we'll send you a £100 voucher! Last time we did this we picked up a store in Sweden, via Rebecka. She seemed happy to have both a £100 gift from us AND a place closer to her to find KMD!

This year I am going to up our offer. I've made a little quiz for you to put in any and all details you have on cool places to buy lingerie.

If you fill it in  - there's a sneaky little code to play with at the end.

If you make mutual introductions - tell them about us, tell us about them (it really helps) and they order - we will send you a £100 gift voucher.

If you manage to get a stockist hooked on our new Deadly Addicts programme for retailers - we will name a new style after you.

What is the Deadly Addict programme, I hear some of you saying, after you hyperventilated?  Well, we know from our years and years of sales data that the retailers that drive growth - ours and theirs - are the ones who take a selection of the sought after limited editions through the year. We also know that retailers love a great margin. So we launched a package that  gives them both! You can see the brief version in a page from our wholesale brochure below.