Designer days: how shall we do the stocking toes?

Designer days: how shall we do the stocking toes?

I thought recently I might share with you all some of the erratic stuff that ends up in my inbox; this weeks most unexpected email was a series of picture of toes.

Ages ago I insisted the factory have a go at making lace stockings for this set:

We got a sample but it wasn't brilliant, and I decided they were closer to FF's than anything else. We sent 3 pairs of Cervin to Lyzzy to play with to make the stockings a decent quality fit, so this is what landed in the inbox:



There are two ways to have a nice toe shape on the stockings.

1) (pics 1,2 & 4)) have a second seam across the toe - allows the CB seam to be on the outside


2) (pics 3 & 5) just have the CB seam but to avoid dodgy shape on the end of the toed the seam goes over the top of the toe - and thing with this is it may look better with the seam on the inside

Let me know which you prefer (I couldn't make my mind up!) and I will get the final set of graded patterns finished.

Unfortunately after all of this careful consideration (and there are some people for whom seam inside or out is a VERY serious question!), my answer was "do whatever the factory will find easiest to sew".

This is often the answer to many a technical design query and it's because a) we're not a high end priced brand, and the more time a factory has to spend sewing a thing the more it costs, and b) you can have the most beautiful thing in the world but if the factory can't replicate the work involved, you're on a hiding to nothing!

On the upside the rest of my inbox that day was mostly about VAT, which is far more unpleasant than looking at feet.