Dinna dinna dinna dinna LOVEBOMB! Valkyrie Corsets

Dinna dinna dinna dinna LOVEBOMB! Valkyrie Corsets

I love a good corset, and it felt like it was time to return to the world of steel boned, serious shape-changing corsetry this year. I've been admiring Brighton-based brand Valkyrie Corsets from afar for a while. For those of you outside the UK and wondering; yes, Brighton has an unusual number of exciting brands for a British town. It's basically a miniature London by the sea and a has a bit of a reputation for cool creative stuff. Cool creative stuff and really dreadful hen and stag parties. Can't have everything!

I'd tried on quite a few Valkyrie styles, courtesy of FairyGothMother, and was really looking forward to seeing what turned up for the shoot. Corsets are one of those things people tend to make one at a time so each one is a bit of a work of art.

You can't tell in a photo, but this burgundy corset was heavily beaded and glittered in the light with every movement.

Photographer: Paul Winkler

Make-up and Hair: Emma Watts

House of Burlesque Performers Bettsie BonBon wears Valyrie Corset with Kiss Me Deadly "Rufflebutt" high waist knicker (this works quite well to keep your corset clean, too, since it comes all the way up to under the bust).

Studio: Playful Promises

Ridiculous signs: graphic design Guru.gg, construction Joshua Horobin

Shoes models own

Jess wears Valkyrie green underbust corset with All Undone bra set and our cape.


Overbust or underbust corset for you?