Dinna dinna dinna dinna LOVEBOMB! Little Women

Dinna dinna dinna dinna LOVEBOMB! Little Women

Little Women is one of the longest-established and only independent brands for petite-busted women. In a world full of arguments about the price of full bust bras, it can be easy to forget that there are also women who wear AAA, AA, A or B cups, and that they don't want to be stick with teenager bras or bralets. Little Women have their own range and a careful selection of other brands to make sure that whether you're looking for a sports bra or a date bra, there's something for you. They also make a surprising number of them in the UK!

We shot these pictures in January, which meant they mostly had new Spring colours - quite a styling challenge for someone like me who mostly works in black, ivory and jewel tones!

Photographer: Paul Winkler

Make-up and Hair: Emma Watts

Studio: Playful Promises

Ridiculous signs: graphic design Guru.gg, construction Joshua Horobin

Twig wears Little Women underwired, padded midi line bra and brief, with Playful Promises minimo.


Gracie Disgrace wears Little Women padded bralet and knicker in black, white and silver narrow stripes with Karolina Laskowska couture cape and Kiss Me Deadly cupless vargas.

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