Deadly Mermaids: what's new?

Deadly Mermaids: what's new?

Wow. Last week I though, oh no, we don’t have many swimwear pictures from fans! And spent an evening emailing some of you to see if you would help (I’m very boring), but it turns out you were all just waiting to spring AWESOME things on me anyway. From the authentic selfie to the crazy creative on a budget, here’s a selection so far – and I’ve extended the deadline to August 16th 2013, so go for it!

Melissa, a selfie shot post gym – and yes, the Elle robe apparently does match the Deluxe!


Jenni in her Delores swimdress: “She yearns back to the sea, water being her true element... She loves to decorate herself with things she finds interesting and beautiful – killer heels being her favourite thing at the moment since she can finally wear them. She is still quite awkward on the land, so she stays near the water just to feel safe and calm. She is tough and fearless, but there is this fragile, melancholic side of her since the big change. It will take time to get used to this new way of living... Hope you enjoy the pictures. Photos are taken by my fiancé last Sunday.”


Amaryllis in a tropical Kitten bikini – “My mermaid is an unrepentant bad siren!” Apparently this stream also includes leeches . . .


Logan in her Lace Print Deluxe swimsuit.

“I realized that if I were a mermaid who suddenly lost her tail for legs (and painted toes!), I would probably spend a lot of time longing for the sea (as you know, the grass always looks greener on land) and continue to spend quite a bit of time in the water – be it swimming or taking very long, indulgent baths.
I’ve included two sets of pictures: some of them taken with my little scanner and the others taken in my bathtub with an actual camera. My scanner is rather small, and you have to view the series as a whole to make sense of the swimsuit, so I organized some of the scans as polyptychs and then attached a few others that I liked.
As a slightly funny side-note, neither of us had any colourful makeup, but I have plenty of art supplies,
so we used acrylic which I made the mistake of trying to open my eyes under water with!”


Linz: “Delores swim dress, some jeans and my son’s sandpit! A mermaid in the rain!”

I love the idea of wearing the delores as a top. Last but not least, a lingerie/swim mashup with the Deluxe as a skirt:


“‘Dream up what YOUR deadly mermaid would do once she had legs (you know, and a great KMD swimsuit).”

I thought it would be fun to incorporate the original story in. Also, if a 15 year old mermaid left her family and life to be with a man she met once, then there are probably not many male mermaids to pick from and I’m guessing she’s very brave. I think she’d try to put on a smile and live her new life even though she was cursed with pain.

A few apologies:

Clarity: I didn’t have access to proper camera.
Makeup: I’m clueless when it comes to makeup so I only wore lipstick.
Hair: Huge props to Morgana! She gave me some hair tips that really helped out.
Wardrobe: I’m wearing a Bali 1950s overwire bustier I found on eBay, a sheer trench coat I made myself for the shoot, and the Deluxe bikini bottom.
Here’s a link to a brief interview with Viktoria. I mentioned her in my “story.”

She’s so brave!‘