Customise your KMD competition! Want to win £400 of Kiss Me Deadly?

Customise your KMD competition! Want to win £400 of Kiss Me Deadly?

Deadlies are crafty. We know, because you send us drawings, crochet dolls, knitting, jewellery, painted garments and guides on how to alter a bikini tops size!

Amaryllis appears to be able to do all the things, including deadly dolls.
So for the show, we took a leaf out of a much bigger knickers brand for our catwalk, and many of the outfits had been altered, sometimes by us and sometimes by the catwalkers themselves.
Jasvir and Poppy backstage - photos by Love Through The Looking Glass.

We'll be explaining exactly what we did - and  sending out gifts to help you with it - over the next short while, and we'd like you all to get your creative thinking caps on, because we think you can do some pretty cool stuff.

So here's the rules:

Take a Kiss Me Deadly garment (don't want to mess up your favourites? Order when we do free gifts, or pick something up on clearance).

Customise your garment! Applique, crochet elements, fabric paint, beading, trims, tassels, whatever you think of and can do.

Extra points for anyone who manages to use electronics or moving parts. We'll be showing you some techniques here on the diary.

Photograph (and/or video) your customised garment - it doesn't have to be on you, it can be on a mannequin, it can be laid flat on a background, it can be hung on a washing line, it's entirely up to you.

Email us that picture and/or video: to, please, by the 15th August 2014 (yes, we're giving you LOTS of time to get your groove on).

We'll be posting them up online and at the start of September 2014, one winner will get a £400 voucher and 3 runners up will get a £150 voucher each.

Ready, Steady, Go!