11 tracks from the catwalk show - chap-hop and tea, anyone?

  • By Catherine Clavering

11 tracks from the catwalk show - chap-hop and tea, anyone?

Some of you may have noticed some music playing at the catwalk show - we started off thinking "chap-hop!) and then I realised that chaphop isn't always terribly danceable, and tends to have long talky-talky intros, so it got mixed up with some electro swing and . . . stuff. The final edit was done by Mark, who has a DJ name, honest, but I can never remember it!

Playlist 1:

1. I Like Big Pants - KMD
2. Chap-Hop History - Mister B
3. It's Like That - Run DMC/Jason Nevins
4. Chap-Hop History - Mister B
5. Fighting Trousers - Professor Elemental
6. Krupa - Apollo 440
7. What's Happened to Soho? - The Correspondents

Playlist 2:

1. Puttin' on the Ritz - Taco
2. Chocks Away - Jon Anderson
3. Cup of Brown Joy - Professor Elemental
4. Straight out of Surrey - Mister B.
5. Sing Sing Sing (Enhiezma Remix) - Benny Goodman
6. I Like Big Pants - KMD

I Like Big Pants will be released when I can get  my act together and organise a video (don't hold your breath). Both Mister B and Professor Elemental are very nice chaps indeed, and you can buy their works on their websites.

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