Blue suspender belts and sheer bras

Blue suspender belts and sheer bras

An SEO person told me off for not doing enough product stuff on our diary recently, so I thought rather than write the usual keyword filled marketing blah, I might just start doing a public answer to some of our emails and website suggestions.

So, first up – sheer bra:

“Hello there lovelies. I’ve been on the look out for the longest time for a sheer bra without the seam running across. I have a few piercings that I wouldn’t mind showing off : ) I would love to see a sheer bra in red and/or black.”

I’m pretty certain she is talking about our Van Doren style.


I am actually thinking about doing another version of this, but the general consensus on the Facebook is its time for a colour that isn’t black. A radical departure for us, I know, but it just might work. I think we’re going to sample it in the vintage peachy pink we did the Vargas dress and the Jolie in last year, and maybe add a lace trim.

The colour isn’t the only reason I can’t make this person happy – those seams aren’t optional! To give enough support, a bra needs to be shaped and in this case it has a relatively stiff lining, because if you’re anything like me, i.e., not 16 anymore then gravity has started to affect your bosom. There are two ways commonly used to give a bra cup its shape, one is to make pieces that are seamed together as we do here, and the other is to use moulded foam cups. The latter's very common now, but it means the bra will be utterly opaque. Its very commercial over in the USA, where apparently the mere implication that a woman has nipples could cause riots.

Back on topic, for a sheer bra with no seams, I think we’d really be looking at a soft bra or bralette type of thing, and we don’t do very many of those at all because most of our customers are a bit more mature than the standard fashion market, and prefer a bit more support. That said, DKNY do an underwired seamless lace bra that might work - its hard to tell because you can’t have nipples in photographs if you want to be a mainstream brand!

Right, onto one of my favourite subjects, blue lingerie. Happily for me and my blue obsession, blue has been a key colour for a few seasons now, and I am busy wearing out my blue alouette set.



Do you have any plans to make a Alouette Blue suspender belt in the future? Like you have with the emerald and peach? If not, can I at least plant the seed of an idea? It would be great if you did! My wife loves her blue cincher, but she can’t wear it all the time : ( ”

Sadly at the moment, I’ve got no plans to do an Alouette blue belt- the factories we use put their minimums up by a factor of 2.5 last year, and we grew by a mere 20%, so the numbers on running two styles of garter in each range don’t add up I’m afraid! That said, the colour has been very popular so there’s always a chance I will do it again, but for sales reasons I’d have to wait a while. And we’re looking at other ways of manufacturing so we can get more on top of this issue in general.

But you could mix and match the set with a plain black suspender from us – perhaps the Van Doren boned one as its in power net – or the roll on girdle is basically an extremely short skirt made of power net!

If you don’t mind a skimpier style, then Playful Promises have actually made a set in exactly the same colourway and lace, but in their more flirty style. They do a 4 strap suspender belt that has narrow nylon-coated metal clips like we use on the Sirena suspender belts.

You can actually mix and match all the Blue Blood and Blue Alouette items easily, though we used very different lighting set-ups for our photographs which make them look like different shades of blue. Its handy for those KMD fans who want a thong, slender garter belt or an A cup bra, or the Playful fans who want a 38 back bra size, brief with full coverage or like to cover up their tummies with shapewear. This was not at all deliberate! Its just been a fashionable colour for a while now . . .