Lingerie Secret Valentines

Lingerie secret valentine runs like a secret santa - you send and receive one gift :) 
But you also do at least two posts about it because we all have to monetise our work ;)
You can read more about the pros and cons of cross-brand marketing here.


  • have fun and regain our delight in lingerie
  • generate content about lingerie gifting around valentines
  • link to each other in the hope of greater impact/traffic

Due to ill health I am not involved in the admin - you will be getting updates from Ayten Gasson, with back up help for any problem solving from Leanna (Harlow and Fox)

To join in you will need to;

1) complete this form

2) send one gift 

3) create at least two social media posts; one of which should contain a reel or video because everything is awful and we have to do those now. All posts should include;


Post 1 - to be posted well before Valentines

  • announces you are taking part in lingerie secret valentines, an independent lingerie brand project
  • list - and hyperlink or social media handle as appropriate - all the brands taking part
  • include their special offers as appropriate (we will send you some preformatted content to make this easier)
  • Ideally include a video or photos  of your gift sending - or a brand giftwrapping etc
  • And ask readers what they would love to give or receive from your brand

Post 2 - when you receive your gift

  • Post photos or video of your gift, including branded giftwrapping if used
  • Hyperlink/tag the brand that sent it to you and briefly describe what makes them special
  • List 3 or more things you love about the gift
  • Any details that might not get noticed on photos or video online
  • And ask readers what they would love to give or receive from your gifts brand

Optional content ideas

These are all ways to produce content that might meet some of your needs;

How I chose our gift! - a good way to talk about the issues around fit, taste, and the drama of getting things through the damn post.

video or photos about gift wrap, unboxing etc

Flat lay, mannequin or modelled images or video snippets of the gift you send and the gift you received. Obviously not all of us are happy on camera and that's ok, you can do a lot with flat lay and mannequins.

Styling posts - what would you mix and match from your brand with your gift senders brand? What items from other brands do you love and how would you put them together with yours?

Follower questions - ask followers their lingerie gift highs and lows, their favourite valentines stories, what they are hoping for, what they have on a wishlist (especially if you use wishlists, remind them to send them to gifters!), tag a friend who would look great in your gift,  who would you NEVER gift lingerie to, who wouldn't bat an eyelid at a lingerie present, 

Re-Share other brands secret valentines content

Easy gifting options - always good to give people a listicle of things that need no or little sizing info

Gift guides - for yours or multiple brands

KMD has done ok with the anti-gift-guide but obviously that sort of tone isn't appropriate for most brands


What happens if it goes wrong?
the worst that happens is you're out some products and time, like any marketing venture. We'll always make sure you get some coverage even if customs eat your parcel or something else goes wrong. If you don't find you get enough out of it - just skip future events :) If you turn out to be the eater of parcels . . . you might find you can't be fitted into future ventures. But no hard feelings on anything else, it's just work at the end of the day.