You won it for us!

You won it for us!

Remember this?


Well, you made this happen!

So this is how last Wednesday went for me:

Get up, do boring admin

Go to physio

Get asked to be on Radio 5

Effectively imply on national radio that all lingerie shops in the UK are a bit dull at the moment (Thanks to fans you can now experience all 2 minutes here!)

Wonder briefly if this might be a bad thing to do just before an industry event!

Put on ridiculous shoes, hat, makeup.

Encounter great difficulty with stairs.

Consider the £150 plus VAT ticket price and my teetotal state, and proceed to eat as many starters as I can get my hands on. I failed at stealing extra dessert though.

Fail to recognise ANY celebs.

Get overexcited by the glass skulls full of vodka on the tables – and smeared lipstick on ours. We all spent most of the night trying to steal these!

Drop carrot down bosom. I’m an embarrassment to teetotallers, I’m telling you.

Chat to Myla who ended up on our table – happily they are a brand we all owned something by! Go Myla!

WHAT?! Wait, we won a voting category?

Favourite British Designer? What? Against household fashion names and people who were getting their celebrity friends to urge their fans to vote?!!! Seriously? Awesome. I love our fans, they’re clearly much better than anyone else’s!

Congratulate everyone else who won, especially Made By Niki.

Wonder what a snake is doing at a knickers party, experience paparazzi, and go home. Wheeeee!

So basically what I am taking from this is that our lovely Kiss Me Deadly fans, who tend to get geek jokes, read statistics info for fun, and generally really like a good debate, can win an internet vote that assorted slebs, popstars and reality TV people have got involved in.

And even though I adore Girls Aloud, I’m still very, very happy about that!

Now we have to work out how to thank you. It’s so unexpected that I didn’t have a plan, though I do have some ideas!

But I can tell you that there is a case of champagne going for the person who gets voted best dressed, and since as you now know I don’t drink, I promise that if you go and click like here, I will find a way to do a champagne giveaway next month! Yes, I know I’m not the best dressed; I took Maz along partly for her ability to look fantastic at all times. But I’m pretty certain no-one else will share the booze, so let’s pretend!