Why we won't be making the Vargas girdle dress this year.

Why we won't be making the Vargas girdle dress this year.

I've completely confused quite a few of you recently by saying that I have no plans to make the original Vargas corselette again this year, and quite possibly also not next year.

As usual, the reasons as to do with Minimum Order Quantities, and cash. I know, I know, you like to think we're all in this for love, but someone has to pay the rent!

Basically as with all continuity styles, over time, the speed at which the Vargas dress sells has slowed considerably. It's not that it doesn't sell, I have no worries on that score, but when we get them in, we only have a short amount of  time before I need to send the bank a 6 figure sum. I can rarely find this down the back of the sofa, and with no investors, that payment has to come from sales, so a product that sells slow and steadily over the year gets dumped in favour of exciting things that come with a nice burst in sales and  thus, a cash injection.

Plus, this year we're launching the cupless Vargas, and I suspect most people will choose between them rather than get both (this is called internal product competition).

What we do with most of the continuity styles is just make tiddle amounts, but the factory we use for that is dubious about their ability to recreate the Vargas, and we have spoken to another but we'd have to source all 50-something components for them ourselves, which would be painful, especially in small quantities.

So - last chance for at least 12 months, I think, to buy the Vargas with lace bra!