Why haven't we done E cups in the Sirena this year?

Why haven't we done E cups in the Sirena this year?

Customer email:

Hello Kiss me deadly,

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you, but despite reading your posts on the reasons for your range of bra sizes I felt that I had to voice my opinion. A number of years ago I was bought the Sirena in black in a 32E it fits perfectly and I love it. I was over the moon to see that you were going to make it in red, and might I add a perfect red!

I was very disappointed that you decided not make it in my size, and tried a 34DD the next best thing, but despite hoping it did not fit. I would love to buy your underwear, I have a couple of girdles, but you don’t make my size. I was wondering if you would reconsider your position on this? Maybe taking a survey of your fans sizes? Or even commissions for sizes a little bigger/smaller?

The sirena in red was absolutely lovely, and I was bitterly disappointed to have to send it back.

I hope that one day you’ll consider making bras in my size again! Until then I’ll have to just lust from afar!


KMD reply:


it’s absolutely fine to contact us – I often take a while to answer emails just because it’s hard to keep on top of things.

When we made the black Sirena, the factory let us do about 300 of them, let us change the pattern for the E cups and the 38′s, and we also paid less for the product than we do now. We still nearly went bankrupt the next season when the entire global economy collapsed.

Since then business has become much more competitive. We’re paying more for everything – fabrics, wires, patterns, and wages in China have gone about 500%! Exchange rates don’t help.

On top of that because so many people are trying to make things there, the factories can pick and choose, and we just cannot find anywhere that will make underwired bras at a price we can afford at quantities of 300. We either have to up our prices, or make 500. Either way, we’re paying more than double what we used to when we pay for a range to be brought in, which is a stretch to say the least. We’re talking over ten thousand pounds here.

We really can’t find a factory that will add in E cups as well at these quantities, which are considered very small by their standards now, especially when we have to change the pattern to do so. Additionally, we actually found when we did the black sirena that E cups were the slowest selling size. I know that sounds crazy but quite genuinely, we sold A cups faster. And as we have bills to pay every month and we don’t have any money behind us, we have to do products that sell fast – we can’t afford to sit on stock.

I hope that you see that this isn’t a case of not having considered it or not having costed it – it’s far from that. It is, and absolutely always will be, purely a financial decision.

On the upside, Rachel (warehouse boss) tells me if she ever wins the lottery, she’ll spend some of it investing in “Kiss Me Deadlier; vintage inspired lingerie for plus size and full cup femme fatales”!

Cross your fingers for her – or contact your favourite large cup specialist and tell them to commission us.