Where are we up to with stock?

  • By Catherine Clavering

Where are we up to with stock?

So, an update to the illustrated guide to where are all the things are, for the forward planning KMD fans!


The Amelie; its now running low, but happily its consistently low! We have some seconds in the bras.

The Amy – came in, mostly went out. We only had a teeny tiny amount, about 50 bras and knickers and 80 cinchers. The cinchers you can still fine on other sites, the bras and knickers, only here and Joanna’s Wardrobe.

The Beth – came in, now mostly out again. We are doing another run, with some tweaks to improve the fit, but I’m not really sure when that will arrive! It’s a small quantity again and will largely be going out to retailers in Europe and Canada.

The Blue DeVille – we have stock of this bra in most sizes, but only small and medium skirts left and not many of those. We have a bit more fabric so we’ll do some more big pants (and while we’re at it we’ll do some in red to go with the Sirena), but the Uk factory has been running late so I reckon it’ll be October.

The blue Jezebel (which is not the same shade of blue as the deville, sorry!) has sold out, bar the big knicker though thats low in the size Larges, in advance of arriving. It got delayed but the fact think they can have it finished by next week. I’m unlikely to make more of it for the pure and simple reason that we have all our money tied up in other stock and we also have a ton of cotinuity line stock to make so we’d end up delaying that. But – Joanna’s wardrobe and other stockists will have it when it comes in!

The Elle robe; made and on its way to us, will arrive sometime next week. We’ve sold about a third of them in advance, and I think a sample of it in red silk chiffon is also arriving with this batch, though that will end up being considerably more expensive!

The fifi/peacock girdle; this is basically sold out. We have mediums left in the bralet and the knicker, and we have about 1 each size of the longline. We’ve done here folks. Since making in China has been such a nightmare this year, I’m currently looking at making this closer to home, especially as we might even do it in stretch silk, but I think we’re going to find the costs prohibitive.

The Mimi and associated plum styles – very much running out! I’ll recall the stock from the shop shortly because we are seriously low in the office. What we do have is the plum FF’s, so at least if you ladder them there are some more.

Retro Harnesses; we added an XS in black and restocked. You should get one, because we only have the clips to make a few more.

The Tempest Rose; finally ade it through various people trying to keep it from us, and is now here in all sizess. But be warned – the plain UK made bbits we only made about 60 of, and they are already running out. Ony us and Joanna’s Wardrobe have them. Also, the factory really hated making this, so please don’t expect us to run it again in a different colour unless its an instant sell out, because we’d have a fight on our hands with them!

The lace vargas; you can’t see this on the retail site yet but we are actually starting to run low on these in size 32 and 38. I have no idea why, my crystal ball gazing wasn’t good enough, clearly.

The Red Sirena is actually in the UK right now (Tuesday night) but because of how difficult the Tempest Rose was to extract, I haven’t put it up yet!

Edited to add – and now it’s Wednesday and it’s in stock tomorrow so hey, it’s up.


October Arrivals

The multiway in black, contrast seamed stockings, and the blue deville corset; we decided to make them in advance so we’ll have stock of them and you can order and get them straight away. This also means we’re adding a 30 inch version.


Continuity line:

At the end of this week we should get 6 straps, longlines, knickers and pantygirdles in black, plus roll ons in black and in ivory. Next week we get 8 straps, boned belts, ivory longlines, and ivory boned belts, bralets and white 6 and 8 straps. Now, this may not go to plan, but that should be what happens. Then at the end of the month we should get all the black stuff again. Most of it will go straight out – Lovehoney, Legstore, Joannas wardrobe, Sweetpins and other places have largely bought the stock. We’ll restock in October and a gain in November, but I suspect December will go by in a blur as realistically the factory will be shut for 2 weeks.



It’s all in, but it was all small quantities – running out fastest will be the Jojo, followed by the white, tropical and hibiscus bikinis.



Things in development

1) a vargas longline in a floral jacquard powernet. Not yet samples or photographed but should be simple to so.

1) That red silk Elle I mentioned above and the red pantygirdles

2) We have lots of stretch silk, so we’re looking at teddies, delacroix and fifi styles in it. I still can’t find a midnight blue none stretch silk though.

3) the ivory multiway – since the factory in China failed to produce this, we’ve approached a place in Europe to do a very short run of these. We then got stuck because of finding all the components, but hopefully we can untangle that soon.

4) more corsets, very tiny runs of silk knickers for the shop, and a day corset.

5) an overwire bra set and fan laced girdle.

6) things made out of a lace I think is hilarious; not sure you will feel the same though!

7) revamping our continuity line, since we need to add in some ivory bralets and knickers we can make all the time, and also we want to increase the cup options on the bralet. We may also add the Amy cincher in all black.

Our main ranges for December and Jnaury, plus our swim for 2013 , are already set – and photographed. Very tiny sneak peeks here!

Aaaaand I’m thinking about AW13 already, which is kinda doing my head in a bit.

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