We're all going on a Summer Holiday...

We're all going on a Summer Holiday...

This was a piece I wrote last year, before I started working at Kiss Me Deadly - I had an excellent holiday, but I wish I'd packed more sparkly underwear. - Lydia

A showgirl’s guide to holiday planning:

  • Locate suitcase. Realise that it is unfit for purpose after months of lugging costumes and props around from venue to venue night after night.
  • Buy suitcase that isn’t held together by gaffa tape and hope.
  • Excitedly pack 19 sets of sparkly underwear.
  • Wistfully unpack 12 sets of underwear and replace with actual clothes.
  • Panic-buy sunblock in case you run out. Under no account must you acquire tan lines!
  • Realise that despite owning over 100 sequinned leotards and bodysuits and rhinestone-encrusted bikinis , your actual swimsuit is a rather grim, utilitarian affair, bought when you were on a health kick and worn twice to the dingy local swimming pool; and is in no way suitable for lounging glamorously on the beach, cocktail in hand, exuding fabulousness.


Luckily good old Kiss Me Deadly came to my rescue with a range of swimwear aimed at Femmes Fatale such as myself (although I’d probably fit the moniker of ‘Femme Ferale‘ a bit better.) So I dipped into my holiday fund to purchase one of their lovely Teal Bow Deluxe Swimsuits. Here’s what they have to say about it:

This is a fully lined one piece with contrast panels and halter neck sling straps, plus padded underwired cups. This year it comes in a limited edition petrol/teal shade with an attached sash round the waist.

We've changed the cups in the large and extra large sizes to accommodate fuller cupped, rounder bosoms, based on your feedback. Still not recommended for Triathlons, but you shouldn't find yourself spilling out!

Ah! It’s so lovely and that I longed to wear it immediately. My holiday is still a month off, so I engineered a situation in which I would be able to wear it without the neighbours thinking I had prematurely gone on a mental vacation – casually watering the plants, paired with a pair of high-waisted denim Capri pants from Collectif and my fave red heels. Saturday afternoon, standard.

It’s super-comfy, with luxuriously thick and soft fabric, and yes, excellent support in the boobular area. Their swimwear range reflects the KMD lingerie aesthetic, and I was pleased to find similar design touches such as the sling straps which feature on my favourite KMD piece (the gorgeous Sirena bra).

It’s vampy, but not so much so that you’d feel out of place wearing it, y’know, just to go swimming; it’s not just something to be dusted off for a few weeks of every year when beach season comes round, it’s a piece that deserves to be shown off all year round. It’s almost enough to make me want to renew my gym membership…

But  for now, back to packing! Maybe just ONE more set of sparkly underwear. I mean, you can never have too many, amirite?