We came, we saw, we thought "sci fi and fantasy!"

We came, we saw, we thought "sci fi and fantasy!"

A while back, Lori and myself went to dee the Contour Catwalk, which is the graduate show for the De Montfort Contour degree (a degree in bras).

The first set came out in darkness and then lit up with blue lights. Being basically at least highly geek-compatible, myself and Lori immediately said “Tron!” at each other, and then accidentally reviewed the entire show on the basis of which sci-fi/fantasy/generally geeky thing we thought it would be perfect for. I strongly suspect this was not the intent of the poor students who had spent so long slaving to produce highly creative or extremely technical designs for their portfolio! I’ve tried to put in who is who to help redress the balance a bit. If you’re seriously interested though, best to contact DMU’s press office. There’s also a website where you can see all the pictures (in small). These were all taken by Simon Armstrong, bar the very first which was Mark Makela.

See, its so Tron. By Ashley Edge

This on the other hands is clearly The Jetsons. It came with a matching handbag, which made me yearn for lingerie that also has matching outfits, accessories and accoutrements. Oh yes. By Ella Chidgey

Lexx. When I grow up I want to be part strange alien snake type creature. By Carmen Waters.

This entire collection was white and gold and very 80′s . . . it made me think of both Servalan in Blakes 7, and Buck Rogers. On balance I think its more Servalan. She is totally one of my role models. By Charlotte Davis

This clearly belongs in Cyberdog. Ok, so that’s a shop, but its also an art concept of sorts, so I think I can get away with that. By Sam Adlam.

Definitely Buck Rogers this time. Beedibeedi! By Claire Hatfield.

Perhaps not this item, but this collection as a whole (big flowy robes with unusual patterns) reminded me of Game Of Thrones, where they use lots of cultural references mixed up so nothing clearly comes from any one period of time or a particular place; its makes it all simultaneously faintly familiar and yet disconcerting. By Rosalind Strach

Flash, ah-aaaah, saviour of the universe, inexplicably constantly with women in traily chiffon skirts. By Phoebe Blockley-Campton

This collection was jockey-silks inspired . . I have a horrible feeling that somewhere on the internet, futuristic lesbian jockeys in lingerie do unspeakable things to each other. Matching stockings though! I do like a matching stocking. By Kirsty Hall

Bejewelled silk sportswear with capes? I feel like this is what Jedi warriors wear for special-occasion seduction. You have to have that freedom of movement, after all. By Lewis Barrett

I reckon if you painted this girl green and maybe changed her eye brow shape, this would be one of those “oh my god its a hot alien girl!” women Kirk mysteriously managed to kiss in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of Star Trek. By Laura Wade

Xena, warrior princess, would like to show you her softer side. You know, they should put more weapons on catwalks. Me and Morgana could lend them some, and you can get a copy of that metal frisbee Xena used no bother. By Kirstie Groombridge

Why hello, Storm from X-men. By Caroline Hesp

Every fricking dystopia ever which are inexplicably always full of clubs playing industrial metal where everyone wears black and looks like they’ve walked out of Camden Market. Now with neon banana accessories. I’m waiting for when dystopias involve dinner clubs with cabaret and way, way more glitter. By Becci Crombie

If they could just have done this with Black instead of turquoise, it would have been so Matrix. Now its more Farscape, I’m thinking, though you have to add enough make-up to put people in danger of kidney failure for the full Farscape effect. By Alexander Ritchie.

It’s bronze so its gets Star Wars. Yeah, I’m running out of steam. But the rest of the collection, half of it was in this style, and half of it was marbled silks slips with strange cincher belts that looked positively organic, so it was a bit difficult to pigeon hole, which I guess is also true of the now sprawling Star Wars films. By Kate Burreddu.

Kinda stumped on these two but I like them” 70′s colour on 50′s swimwear by Sarah Burgess, and perhaps the floral corsetry would be in a flash back in True Blood maybe? By Sarah Greenwood.

So, help me out here, geeky things the last two remind you of?