Underwear as outerwear: competition winners!

Underwear as outerwear: competition winners!

Well, it was a pretty tough decision but we've finally settled on our grand winner, plus three runners-up, from last month's 'underwear as outerwear' competition. There were lots of strong entries, but Pamela's elegant Ladies Day look won us over with the matching accessories and charming attention to detail - getting the gloves, hat, necklace and even umbrella in the same cobalt blue as the Ariadne Waspie shows dedication! It looked great with the lovely autumnal tones of the dress and bolero combo Pamela paired it with. 


Our runners up were:

Karen from Canada - we loved this concept and the ingenuity of adapting the same garment for two looks. Bonus points for actually going outside in your under/outerwear too! Karen's wearing the Violet Divine Bra as a top.


Above left: Amanda customised the Violet Divine Bra for a larger bust, and matched it with the with the Lingerie Skirt. We loved that Amanda took her picture in a courthouse - take that, The Establishment!

Above right: Cat sent in this picture of a fabulous look with the Blue Tempest Bra, Blue DeVille skirt, corset and black slip finished off with a UK university black gown draped playfully over the shoulders. If you wore that to graduation day you'd probably give your professors a heart attack.

And here's another shot of our winner Pamela celebrating with a nice glass of bubbly. Cheers Pamela!