The very basic guide to assembling your Elle knickers.

  • By Catherine Clavering

The very basic guide to assembling your Elle knickers.

Back at the end of 2016 we did a kickstarter, and we managed to get most of the items involved out within a few months. The top pledge, a corset outfit, took considerably longer, as did the knickers we made from matching fabric. The knicker pattern was in many ways the most painful thing though, as I thought it was on file with the people that hold our corset patterns electronically, and indeed they do have our Elle robe . . . but not this knicker.

And thus in between the main work of KMD we had to resurrect a pattern from samples and try to work out how to get it into a format people can print out without needing a specialist A0 printer (seriously, that's what we use). While we were doing this Silje, an intern from Denmark, came up with a brief guide for how to assemble it. Inevitably when transferring it between windows, macs and google drive it turned into some strange beastie people had problems accessing, so I'm hoping this is easier!

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