The Top Deadly Talent photoshoot competition - want to model KMD?

The Top Deadly Talent photoshoot competition - want to model KMD?

Right, who wants to be in a Kiss Me Deadly photoshoot?!

A couple of years back I asked who the biggest Deadlies were - well, or at least "who are the biggest fans who can get to London for a day" (sorry, international Deadlies). Lots of people joined in the search and then we did a big show on a proper stage with House of Burlesque and Amanda from Irreverent Dance and it was amazing! Plus I still talk to the models-for-a-day quite regularly, which was very unexpected indeed.

The show was great, but I liked getting to meet people and share the pictures the most, so this year, we're going for a more intimate event. We'll be doing a day long shoot with about 8 of you at Fontaines, a fabulous Art Deco bar in London. I asked Claire Seville to be the photographer, as she's very used to working with people who have never modelled before  - and wrangling KMD garments.

Stocking Screams and Lipstick Queens - the photography of Claire Seville from Kiss Me Deadly on Vimeo.

Want to come and shoot with us? You'll need your camera/phone and a tape measure. You can read the application questions here.

Basically I want to know:

How big a fan are you of Kiss Me Deadly?

Are you OK with all the practical issues around the shoot?

Some personal info because yes, I do try to make sure we include a range of people.

Your measurements -  because it's just easier to collect them now and also to check we'll have more than one thing you can wear.

Two photos, one of your KMD collection, and one of you wearing some Kiss Me Deadly where I can see your face and body. That's mostly so I know you don't utterly object to this! If it's a picture you can live with me sharing, great, but I'm fine if you only ever want pro shots out there.

To be in with a chance to join us at the shoot, fill in the form, and email with your two photos before the 20th March 2016!

I look forward to hearing from you.