The no-model 'Eggs in Undies' photo competition!

The no-model 'Eggs in Undies' photo competition!

Easter Egg Photo Competition

Photo competitions can be tricky when you run a lingerie brand, because who really wants to stand around in their underwear trying to get a great shot, and then have that online for everyone to see? A surprisingly high number of people, it turns out, but still only a fraction of you.

Eggs, on the other hand, reliably sit still while you light them. And thus at Easter we combine deadliness with traditional British egg-decorating skills, for the crafty.  In the last couple of years people have dressed their eggs in fabric, painted them, fimo-d them, found enormous eggs big enough for corsets, origami'd them, made things from pipe cleaners, and god knows what else to create lingerie themed egg artistry of frankly epic proportions.

 Thankfully we now have eggxamples not from my own hand. I thought about using eggs rather than illustrator next time we're sharing ideas with the factory, but I'm not sure they'd get it.

So here's the rules! (pretty simples)

1) get some eggs. Yes, previous years have included everything from standard kitchen fare to Coco de Mer, but honestly, anything goes. Plus you get to eat them later.

2) Decorate them in lingerie! Bonus points for managing a KMD design.

3) Take a picture.

4) Email it to us ( with permission for us to post it online or post it yourself to one of these:

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Tag us (kissmedeadlylingerie) or we won't know!

5) Wait for a winner!

This is just a quickie competition so you've got just over a week -  deadline is Wednesday the 22nd April 2017.

The winner gets a £200 voucher to spend with us! 

For more inspiration check here and here!