The magic safety dance health gentle bra?!

  • By Catherine Clavering
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The magic safety dance health gentle bra?!

So I've been seeing this bra EVERYWHERE, usually advertised as some sort of miracle. My favourite claim was that the whole of the lingerie industry has been conspiring for decades to keep selling wired bras even though "knew they caused breast cancer".
This is, of course, absolute nonsense, making wired bras is expensive and difficult and there's no way for them to cause cancer! But I've also seen it marketed as solving back pain, headaches, digestive problems and all sorts. To the best of my knowledge there's still no evidence that any sort of bra has any consistent relationship to any health issues.
As you can see in the video, this bra is a soft, knit bralette with a bit of extra removable padding, it's comfortable, it goes in the washing machine, if you're not looking for too much support it's pretty handy. The extra strappy bits all the adverts try to sell you as a unique design feature do absolutely nothing for me. It's a generic product available from multiple suppliers, so don't pay over the odds to anyone selling it to you as specially designed for them!

What's your favourite bit of bra marketing nonsense?


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