Shoot your love and win £400 of Kiss Me Deadly!

Shoot your love and win £400 of Kiss Me Deadly!

Shoot Your Love!

Of cats and men

Not literally, obviously. But as you know, it can be hard to post a picture of yourself in sheer lacey underthings on the internet - people can be a bit funny about the realisation that everyone they've ever met could potentially have nipples, for some reason.

So we try and make sure our photo competitions work round that, with masks and superheroes and capes and mermaids and all sorts!

This year I've been thinking about things Deadlies love; a few years back we got everyone to send in a black and white photo and made a huge window display out of them. It was mostly people, of course, but also many much beloved pets.


Then Sarah flung a bra casually over Anthony and  I thought... we could ask you all to send a picture of someone (I'm counting pets as people here) with a KMD garment somewhere, and that could be LOTS of fun.


So here's the rules! (pretty simples)

1) grab someone you love - preferably someone who will behave (cats are actually more challenging than people in my experience).

2) Fling a KMD item at them, over them, on them, or whatever works for you and them, artistically speaking!

3) Take your best shot!

4) Email it to us ( with permission for us to post it online or post it yourself to one of these:

Kiss Me Deadly Facebook
Kiss Me Deadly Instagram
Kiss Me Deadly Twitter
Kiss Me Deadly Tumblr
Kiss Me Deadly Pinterest

Tag us or or we won't know!

5) Wait for the announcement! Top prize is a £400 voucher and we'll do 3 runners up of £50 each

The deadline is the 27th March 2015


Questions I strongly suspect we'll get asked:

What if I want to send a picture of myself?

Loving yourself is a valid idea! We just didn't want people to be limited.

Am I allowed to use photoshop?

Given that my friends 4 year old has a kids camera with some basic photo editing software, yes, you can do any sort of editing you want.

You've got pictures of men in women's lingerie - I identify as a man, love wearing women's underwear and want to talk to you about it.

Honestly, we're probably not the right people, but Homme Mystere would love to hear from you. If you want to talk because it gives you a sexual thrill then that's definitely not in our job descriptions, but a quick google around would find you some places.

Am I allowed to use a professional shot?

Yes, but you should know that almost all our winners and runners up have been amateur shots.

Are you bothered about sizes or tattoos or anything like that?

No. It needs to not include genitalia (and seemingly Facebook and Instagram are allergic to female nipples) but we're not fussed about any of that. Obviously we have to think carefully  when we do shots that go to retailers, but that's our problem - not of those restrictions apply to you. You can just have fun!

Anything I missed? Comments below :)