No filter; new product videos!

No filter; new product videos!


I heard you like video (OK, stats show video is the way to go) so I've some extremely unfiltered, very much worn-with-opaque-tights ranges to show you!


The Doris; vintage strappy bra/harness plus suspender skirty-ness


The Marlene; does my bum look big enough?



The Dakota; sparkly snakes!



The Audrey; silk and mesh and fancy panel shapes



The Blaze Print; possibly not for the passionate anti-smokers? ;)


All about wearing latex! It makes silly noises but it's not as complicated as you might think



The Tempest with the Doris french knickers; lace skirts make me try to swish




The Ariana; affordable and everyday, does what it says on the tin.



The Bettie Page Skirt; approximately 400% more stretchy than you might have thought. 


Super Soft Loungewear; really is super soft! the softest! Wish I'd done Leia-buns.


The Emma by Deja Day; the most retro, softcup option from this new full bust brand


Next up is our own brand continuity retro classics as they're revamped and back in stock - but if you have another product you want to see just let me know in the comments :)