Meet the catwalk winners!

Meet the catwalk winners!

We were truly overwhelmed by the number of applications we received for our catwalk. Honestly. We knew we thought it was a great idea but we didn't realise quite how many of you would, too! That'll teach us to doubt our own opinions!

There were so many great applicants that we spent a whole day closeted in a tiny room fighting over our favourites, with reasoning ranging from beards to shoes, writing style to personal style.

Anyway - we reckon that our catwalk winners can speak for themselves much better than we can speak for them, so in no particular order, here goes:

Name: Jean-Louis

I should be on the KMD catwalk because . . . .
something about willingness to travel quite far, since kmd matters for some QUITE MUCH for this one.

What we thought: Who could beat Jean-Louis for sheer enthusiasm?!


Name: Danielle

I should be on the KMD catwalk because . . . .
I've never done anything like this before. I'm obsessed with pinups and lingerie, and I've never been to London. Really this would be the trip of a lifetime, and I'm not sure that I would ever have the chance to have so many things I love in one place. Not just looking at them either! Actually doing it.

What we thought: Here's a fan who actually could match Jean-Louis for enthusiasm. Winner!


Name: Ditzy

I should be on the KMD catwalk because . . . .
Women with big big boobs need some KMD love too. Bras may not fit but that shouldn't put big boobed girls off!

What we thought: We love women with big boobs! And small boobs. Any boobs. No boobs. Any combination, in fact. And we wouldn't want our lingerie to put anybody off, so Ditzy's definitely got the attitude we like!


Name: Sonia Sparkle

I should be on the KMD catwalk because . . . .
Of the Power of encouragement, motivation and empowerment radiated out to supporters to Bring out the Magic in their Minds. x

What we thought: Your application sparkled - just like you do!


Name: Emily Callaghan

I should be on the KMD catwalk because . . . .
I inspired the phrase megafan.

What we thought: Emily, we all already knew your name. That's how much of a megafan you are!


Name: Maya

I should be on the KMD catwalk because . . . .
my love of wearing desirable, quality lingerie is generally evident when I talk about it and wear it, especially when it is visible. Furthermore, as a short, Asian, single mother who hasn't got a perfect figure and is doing marvellously at getting a PhD at this late point in her life having finally gone to university, I have an awful lot of enthusiasm for people who are not so conventional achieving things that would not generally be expected.

What we thought: Unconventional is our middle name. Well, one of them. And we have a lot of enthusiasm for people who think they don't have perfect figures but are determined to show off anyway!


Name: Hanna

I should be on the KMD catwalk because . . . .
KMD is one of my true loves and passions. It's what catapulted me in to my obsession with lingerie and what better way to celebrate the love for KMD with the catwalk?

What we thought: Catapults! Why haven't we used one of them in a photoshoot? Good thinking, Hanna. Also, we love you too.


Name: Poppy

I should be on the KMD catwalk because . . . .
I can swish my Elle robe with the best of them

What we thought: What a nice lady! We'll make full use of the opportunity to swish around in Elle Robes, too.


Name: Ethel Fletcher

I should be on the KMD catwalk because . . . .
..the last time I was on stage I was wearing a beard. A long, itchy, grey beard which had a nasty habit of falling off on the left side whilst I was centre stage and mid song. What better way to reclaim my chin-hair free identity that to prance around in my underwear? In all seriousness I would be immensely proud to be representing part of your client base

What we thought: Flamingos! A chin-hair-free identity! We couldn't resist.


Name: Amaryllis

I should be on the KMD catwalk because . . . .
I can bring green hair and my own cake? KMD became my favoritest lingerie brand because it loves my pear shaped hips, and  stayed at the top because of the amazing styles and no bullshit style of management I have an immense amount of KMD (although not nearly enough) and I love parading about in my underpinnings.

What we thought: Doesn't free cake count as bribery, Amaryllis?!


One last thing - we said at the start that we were fighting over our favourites, and of course not everybody made it into the catwalk. But there were two fans whose applications were so good that we couldn't leave them out, even though the catwalk was full...


Name: Georgie

What we thought: We loved Georgie's photograph, but it was her picture of pants heaven (see above!) that really caught our collective eye. (Or maybe "eyes". If you have a hivemind, do you have just the one eye? Or two? Enquiring hiveminds want to know.) What's particularly impressive about the picture is that we reckon we can identify every single item. Can you?

We loved Georgie's writing, too, which meant that what we actually asked her to be was...

Official Writer-Upper of Things - Georgie has graciously agreed to come along for the day and record the catwalk in all its chaotic glory. There might even be more pictures if we're really lucky!


Name: Annabel

What we thought: What a cheerful lady! Annabel told us quite emphatically that regardless of whether we chose her to take part in the catwalk, she was still coming along. She'd even be a door lady if it meant she could sneak in. Well. That gave us a brilliant idea, so we asked her to be...

Extremely Cheerful Door Lady - luckily for us, Annabel really meant it! So she'll be there on the day, on the door, ready with her cheery smile and a whole bunch of enthusiasm.

Want to come and join us? Your tickets gets you a seat for the show,  which includes two catwalk segments, some secret outfits, AND a cabaret and burlesque show from super-professionals House of Burlesque, PLUS a giftbag that will have a £15 voucher for KMD, an actual garment from us, a garment from Playful Promises, and as much other stuff as we can beg from our colleagues and contacts! Yep, we're basically treating you the way most brands treat the fashion press.

Buy your ticket here now!