Lovebomb: Paolita

Lovebomb: Paolita

I’ve got to be honest; me and swimwear don’t have the best of relationships. My idea of the ideal thing for swimming in involves as much fabric as is humanly possible, and that’s not what the designer swimwear brands are about, generally!

Nevertheless, there are things I love about Paolita. I bonded with Anna at the end of a trade show on some mutual confusion about buyers who tell you your price point isn’t right for them and then carry on . . . being there (trade shows are not markets; the price doesn’t change at the end of a show). Suffice it to say that both of us could maybe do with more patience.

Later on we went fabric shopping together and suddenly, I felt like the most boring person in the world! Though Paolita are registered and work from the UK, Anna’s background is considerably more colourful, and her styles are a riot of lush pattern, texture and colour in a way that I simply wouldn’t be able to think of! She also shows them differently to everyone else – on classic works of art! Shouldn’t work, but it does!

Last but not least we’re both deeply attracted to glittery things . . . thank god Jessica’s feet are different to ours or the Natacha Morrow shoes in the pictures would so have gotten hidden in someone’s handbag. This also means that there are shiny bits in her swimwear and beachwear, and inevitably, this means I will end up wearing some of it. Expect to see me at a trade show near you in a floaty silk kaftan over the Summer.

They are giving away any bikini or swimsuit the winner chooses plus 2 runners up can win a lace hoodie in blush or baby blue if you email them: with your full name, and like their facebook. The winner will be announced on February 17th 2012 on their Facebook page and will be contacted through email. If you are not able to visit the boutique, no worries, Paolita will post your gift worldwide!