Lovebomb: Kriss Soonik

Lovebomb: Kriss Soonik

I’m actually writing this wearing a Kriss Soonik top – which I reckon I still owe her a bra for, come to think of it. I met Kriss when she got accidentally stuck next to me at London Fashion Week in the lingerie boudoir, which was quite the most cramped and sweaty space you can imagine, which she was amazingly relaxed about!

Kriss does loungerie – which for me makes most of it look like things I would totally wear as outerwear, and if you check her Facebook it seems I’m not the only one! Plus it’s got lots of cute details like cat cut-outs and angel wings, which appeals to my playful side that rarely gets let out with KMD.

She’s also Estonian, and really oddly when I was wittering about a composer I’d been listening to recently, piped up to say that he was her neighbour. Apparently it’s a really small country, or possibly she just knows all the most talented people, its hard to say!

Anyway, for the Lovebomb, she’s choosing someone to gives a suspender top away to from people who join the mailing list, tweet, facebook or blog about her! I think KMD fans will like the suspender top . . . and she’s launching some new items just for this, which we won’t know about until when you read this!

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