Lovebomb 2015: Playful Promises

Lovebomb 2015: Playful Promises

I can't think of a better image to kick off our Lovebomb this year, can you? See how deeply romantic we all are... and so very, very sweet!

For anyone new to this; every year a few of us independent brands band together like some sort of knicker-infused-nightmare to basically get in your face with all offers and info and things during the time of LUUUURVE, and tell as many people as we can about life in the hardworking bra mines of Britain. Last year we went geeky, with lingerie stats cards (did any of you manage to get the full lingerie top trumps set?); this year, each designer chose one word for what she loves about lingerie. Then Anna shot model Miss Deadly Red in the Playful Promises office building, replete with passive aggressive British notices, radiators, and embarrassed British people who can't look lingerie models in the eye when they stumble upon them unawares in a stairwell.

We're kicking off with a picture of the Gwendoline Playful Promises; their word is REBELLION

Here's some things to know about Playful Promises right now:

No Beige T-Shirt Bras Here; they have a specialist print designer so every collection includes exclusive intricate digital prints.

They are popping up on our site too this month - and we have some styles that are sold our everywhere else, like the Anastasia, Jackie and Marsha!

They have an awesome new minisite based on classic literature quotes that sound curiously suggestive to modern minds.

The Gwendoline (in the image) is NOT the same colour as the Sirena. It just looks like that in some lights!

But it DOES go up to an F cup - even in the quarter cup version. I'm not sure anyone else is doing quarter cups in that size range.

AND they have a corselette up to an F cup too!

All going to plan, we should be using the same gold lace as on the Penelope later in the year, helping you to mix and match...

But super importantly, they also have a discount code for you this week - as do all the brands involved. These will all work till the 15th February inclusive; feel free to spread the love!

Playful Promises - 20% off with code "LOVEBOMB2015"

Ayten Gasson - 15% off with code "LOVE15"

Miss Mandalay – 20% off lingerie only with code “LOVEBOMB2015”

Karolina Laskowska – 15% off with code “lovebomb2015”

Kiss Me Deadly20% off with code “LOVEBOMB2015”

Sparklewren - 15% off a bespoke corset with the code "LOVEBOMB2015", email to discuss your design.