Lovebomb 2013: Kriss Soonik

Lovebomb 2013: Kriss Soonik

Kriss Soonik was the first time I ever heard the word “Loungerie”, that delightful cross over between comfy things you hang out at home in (see; most of my working wardrobe, what with working from home), and rather prettier lingerie. I first met her at London Fashion Week, where I suspect she was probably the nicest person in a cramped room of grumpy lingerie brands (oh, the glamour).

Kriss is from Estonia and all her styles are made there, which I suspect is a good thing. She’s giving away a suspender top this year; I have one and it’s very, very nice – though I must confess I tend to just wear it over leggings or a skirt rather than as underwear!

Kriss Soonik bra and knickers, Playful Promises Waspie, Kiss Me Deadly suspender belt.

Loveletter photoshoot, shot by Anna Swiczeniuk, Miss Miranda modelling.

They are giving away an iconic Kristel Suspender Top so head over to their blog to find out how!