Lovebomb 14: Little Women

  • By Catherine Clavering

Lovebomb 14: Little Women

For a while now, I've been aware that we're neglecting our A/B and under cupped sisters. Partly because the average bust is getting larger in the UK, partly because the classic reason for a bra is "needing support", and partly because . . . honestly, I have no idea. So when I was looking for brands this year, I went searching for petites. And there are a few, even making to order and making in the UK, but god help me, for the most part it all seemed a bit . . . naff. I realise this word is a bit 90's, but then, that's where many of the designs seemed to be from.

So when I found Fiona from Little Women, I was quite surprised! A petite woman herself, like many independents, her store grew out of personal frustration channelled into business productivity. And another lesson for me: stop looking for unique brands at the shows. Little Women have been trading twice as long as the rest of us - so long that they remember The Time Before The Internet - and Fiona has never done wholesale. Retail only, they combine brands that are bought in with designs of her own, so if you're petite, you can get every bra you might need, from sportswear to T shirt to date night, in one place - and no wholesale means lower prices!

It's been incredibly refreshing to deal with someone who isn't slogging round the trade show/fashionista circuit and is still steadily successful. Plus, she agreed to come and do this with us, which is pretty out there when you think about it. I mean, my email was basically, "Hi, so we're all indie lingerie brands who work together on things and this year we are going to take our clothes off. Fancy joining in?"

If you are a 32-40 AA or AAA then you can get 30% off this fabulously pretty, multiway bra today - and it's none wired! Have I mentioned recently how great it is that non wired bras are making a comeback?

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