Lingerie Lovebomb Selfie Competition

Lingerie Lovebomb Selfie Competition

Would you like to feature in the Lingerie Lovebomb campaign?

Every year we do a shoot in January with multiple indie brands, with a different theme and setting, and that shoot becomes the Lovebomb, when we tell you what we love about our fellow indie lingerie designers!

This year we'd like to invite you to be the models. We want people who don't look like, um, the people who wear wings and stalk down a runway. If you've got something about you that means you don't see yourself in fashion shoots very often, we especially want to hear from you. That could be age, disability, ethnicity, gender non-conformity, size, anything like that. We're only picking FOUR people so we won't be able to cover the gamut, but we're hoping to pick four people who represent something the fashion industry usually avoids.

We'll be shooting in London, in January, with Anna from Playful Promises - this is one of her images from a past Lovebomb;

Entry is by selfie! I realise some of you will probably get someone else to take the picture, cos we all know I can't hold a phonecam steady, but no pro shots, please.

I'm going to point out that this is one of my favourite fan shots, and it features the KMD cape, but no nudity and no face! And that's totally fine for your entry, but please be aware that the shoot will mean being seen in scanties and being recognisable, so, those of you in the legal profession might want to skip this one.

But everyone who enters from KMD has the chance to win one of three £50 vouchers.

To enter;

take a picture of yourself wearing one or more of our items.

email it to, subject "Lingerie Lovebomb Entry"

post the picture to our facebook and/or instagram, and make sure you tag us, and add #kmdlovebomb and #lingerielovebombselfie

If you don't want your personal account linked to your pic, or if I am being a doofus and miss your tag - email it to me as well as Playful (

T and C

- you really MUST include a KMD item.

- you can apply to multiple brands who are in the campaign.

- folks who don't usually get seen in the fashion industry get priority. Bonus points for creativity in styling and composition. Also for bad puns, weapons, tea, and pets.

- no visible genitals or sexual activity please, or even nipples (sorry), it causes us no end of bother with t'internets.

- by entering the competition we're assuming that you have the permission of whoever took the picture to share it, if you get help, and also that you are happy for us to share it online (with a pseudonym if you prefer).

- I'm sorry but we're not offering any help with travels costs, so you need to be able to get to London, probably on a Friday, under your own steam. I will be doing accessibility checks, but photoshoots are unavoidably long and moderately arduous, and it's a rare London venue that doesn't have fecking stairs.

- things are not going to fit perfectly on the shoot day. They never do, though we'll do our best. If perfect technical bra fit is your focus in lingerie then this is not the competition for you. 

- yes, you will be getting lingerie to take home with you if you do the shoot, also you get food on the day, and I know all the best gluten free dairy free cake suppliers.

DEADLINE - 25th November.

Questions, queries, whinges in the comments please! :)