Is there anyone out there who would sew for us?

Is there anyone out there who would sew for us?

This isn't exactly a job advert, as I'm having to work out what's feasible and also cost things out carefully; but part of working it out is seeing if there's anyone out there with the skills we need. Plus you'd need to be happy to work in central Sheffield, as that's where the sewing machines are living!

Who knew they need this many screwdrivers.

In an ideal world, I'd like to find someone who can work part time in Sheffield following our existing patterns to make small amounts in different fabrics, and sampling new styles.

It might be a good role for a Contour graduate, or someone looking to return to work but needing flexibility around parenting duties or similar.

You'd be working without much direct supervision so you'd need to be good at staying motivated and using your initiative.

Core duties:
  • Cutting
  • Sewing small production runs
  • Meeting deadlines, whilst maintaining required quality standards
  • Liaising with brand owner and technical designer
  • Recognising and communicating any production issues 
  • Able to understand and follow pattern annotations
  • Experience laying up fabric for cutting and understanding fabric grain
Essential skills:
  • Must have previous experience of sewing lingerie, specifically including: wired bras and elastication 
  • Confident on a range of industrial sewing machines
  • Able to work accurately and at a pace
  • Good written communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Good grounding in standard lingerie construction
  • Ability to follow specifications and produce work within production tolerances, as required
  • Knowledge of fabric types and experience working with a wide range of fabric qualities
  • Previous experience as a sample machinist, if so:
    • Knowledge of lingerie production methods
    • Provide input on garment construction
  • Experience sewing shapewear/corsetry
  • Confident to adjust industrial machine settings/attachments for specific fabrics/production runs

You can see the sorts of things we make and fabrics we use on the site, and these are the stitch types we use at the moment: Zzig zag, 3 step zig zag, 5 mm TN Ls, TN cover stitch 4mm, 8mm TN LS, Bartack (not essential), 4T OL, 2N coverstitch and flatlock (not essential).

Does this person exist? If you think you fit the bill then drop me an email by 15th August 2015 at