Invisible Illness Week: What do you fight for?

  • By Catherine Clavering

Invisible Illness Week: What do you fight for?


In case you're new to this; I'm disabled but you can't see it. I write about it sometimes, so you can check out 30 things you might not know about my illness(es) here, my choices, my hopes, and what it's like to be disabled in the lingerie industry. Oh, and what to wear when you feel like your knickers are full of cacti!

This year's theme for Invisible Illness Awareness Week is "My invisible fight". And I started off all like, well what have you got, because god knows I get into enough arguments, but then realised actually, this year, I'm running out of go. 2015 marked my 10 year sick-iversary, and honestly, I'm quite fed up. It's been a very odd year, as I was much better for a couple of months, after they stuck a massive syringe full of lidocaine (a topical anaesthetic) straight into my bloodstream. In some ways, I think it's just highlighted for me how rubbish I feel most of the rest of the time - imagine having a hangover or flu for 10 years.

So what am I fighting for? All the same things as everyone else really - pay the bills, look after our families, see our friends, and you know, break down gender sterotypes whilst making nice pants. Obviously the last one you can season to taste ;)
Just I happen to do it with a ragbag of revolting symptoms at all times, because clearly, if I wasn't hampered by this stuff, I'd have caused WAY too much trouble!

Annual roll call time - how many of you have an invisible illness or know someone who has?

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