How to shoot yourself and win £400 of Kiss Me Deadly!

How to shoot yourself and win £400 of Kiss Me Deadly!

Shoot Yourself!

And you could get a big pile of pants.

I’ve been thinking recently that unlike some fashion brands, we don’t get many pictures of people wearing their nice things from us. Possibly because they’re a bit sheer:


Also, it’s lingerie (well, and swimwear now) – and most of us don’t want pictures of us in our knickers on the internet! So I’ve enlisted the help of Ligeia, below, to explain how to take a shot of yourself that looks great and doesn’t give your identity away to all and sundry.

To be in with a chance to win:

A £400 Kiss Me Deadly voucher to spend on whatever you want on our site.
Free tickets to see The Kitten Club at Madame JoJo’s on a Sunday for your and your friends, and 2 free tickets to House Of Burlesque’s Shipwrecked show at the venue of your choice!

1 runner up will get 2 Volupte tickets for a show of their choice on any Wednesday Thursday or Friday, plus £50 to spend in the bar at Volupte, plus a £50 KMD voucher, and 2 more will get their own £50 vouchers each.

You will need to take a picture of yourself in KMD that you are happy with the world seeing, and show it to us. You can do that by:

Posting it on facebook – directly onto our page or by tagging it as Kiss Me Deadly

Uploading it to our site

Emailing it to info @

Sticking it on tumblr, pinterest or similar with a Kiss Me Deadly tag and letting us know via email or Facebook.

Knowing how tricky I find managing to hold a camera, I figure this may take a while for many of us! So the deadline is 27th August 2012.

The best one (in our entirely subjective and highly biased opinion) wins the £400 voucher and 3 runners up get £50 each to spend here.

By the way, my tip? Do the lingerie as outerwear thing. High waisted trousers and skirts plus a fancy bra= a semi-respectable outfit, in my eyes!

Show yourself (well, just a little)

When Catherine asked me to write a post about “faceless self portraiture in lingerie” a lot of ideas popped in my mind. But since I’m no professional photographer nor a model I’m going to talk from my amateur-ish experience.

For me, self portraiture has been an outlet for many years, like a diary. And as a big lingerie lover, it has to be present in this form of expression. Soon after starting this hobby, I decided to share them online and the comments began. The most repeated questions were:

1) Are you not afraid of being seen like that on the internet?
2) How can I reach that confidence to show myself?

Number one: of course I was afraid. You don’t know where your photos are going to end or who (and with which intention) are going to see them.

Number two: for years I was not happy with my body, which was one of the reasons that I’ve started to take selfies. It made me see myself in a different way. I’m not perfect, no one is but I can tell you something: every single woman is beautiful and you don’t need a particular kind of body to look gorgeous in lingerie. It’s all about how good you feel in it and in your skin.

Besides all this, you may have done selfies with your lingerie on or you want to do some (let’s face it, it’s sexy) but you’re afraid to share them because you have a job, your friends would not approve or you are just too shy…Here’s my advice


And this is not about labelling you as beautiful or ugly; it’s about you not being public online. That’s the reason most of my self portraits in lingerie are faceless. And believe me, they’re the funniest ones. That bit of mystery, of not knowing who it is…it’s thrilling. And not seeing your face on the shot will make you look at yourself in a different way. You don’t know how to start? Here you have some tricks…

1) Take your time to do it.
You’re not going to be recognised but, hey, pimp yourself a bit. Show yourself in the most amazing way you can. The more confident you feel, the better the shot will come out.

2) Grab a camera

Instagram and mobile phones are cool but that “myspace-kind-of-shot-from-above” is…well, you know. Get a semi-decent camera and a tripod if you have it or you can place it on somewhere (you don’t know how useful the furniture is!). Remotes are great too; it avoids making you run away from the camera and placing yourself to look cool in ten seconds. Also, you can always ask someone to press the button

3) Be a faceless model for one day

We’re not models (at least, most of us hehe) but we can surely pose for the photo and being the queens/kings of mystery. Going faceless doesn’t mean you have to put a huge black circle over your face in paint. You can do tons of things that will look amazing, the options are infinite. Don’t forget to use good lightning (natural does marvellous things) and to choose carefully the location (please, avoid toilets). Here are some ideas:

* Use a mask. They add that ‘something’ mysterious and glamorous

* Use other props. If your hair is long, you have the best weapon

* Play the peek-a-boo. Show just one of your eyes, or both, but hide your

* Don’t look at the camera. Look somewhere else, makes it interesting

* Don’t frame your face and make a imaginative pose

* Hide behind a curtain, behind a door, be a lingerie ghost!

And if nothing of this works, just throw a cat in the equation, it ALWAYS works!