Dinna Dinna Dinna Dinna LOVEBOMB! Undercrackers

Dinna Dinna Dinna Dinna LOVEBOMB! Undercrackers

OK, look. I could pretend that I met this brand at an event or ran across them doing something cool but we all know that the gods-honest truth is I get bored of looking at women all day and wanted an excuse to watch Esquire De Lune do his thing.  So I googled "British men's underwear independent brand" and Undercrackers popped up. They're even MADE IN THE UK, which is practically unheard of. Brexit survival pants.

A few hours of standing behind Mr-De-Lune being as small as possibly holding up signs while he jumped about and punched the air and I was starting to wonder if I'd made a mistake, but a) making Anna from Playful look dazed when she met him and b) pictures both say it was totally worth it.

Photographer: Paul Winkler

Make-up and Hair: Emma Watts

House of Burlesque Performer Esquire De Lune

Studio: Playful Promises

Ridiculous signs: graphic design Guru.gg, construction Joshua Horobin

Undercrackers inestimable men's undies, Kiss Me Deadly Cape.

Everything else models own.

Now if you're a man or buying men's things, Undercrackers won't change you into Esquire de Lune. But if you're a sensible-everyday-superhero, then they are a superior quality choice of underwear to do it in! Plus this week you can score a 25% discount off your order by entering code 25OFF at checkout.

Important question though; Office-Esquire, or Dark-and-Troubled-Esquire?