Dinna Dinna Dinna Dinna LOVEBOMB! Playful Promises

Dinna Dinna Dinna Dinna LOVEBOMB! Playful Promises

I always say if lingerie brands had best friends, then Playful Promises would be Kiss Me Deadly's. Sharing the occasional base pattern is the most intimate it gets in the undies industry.

Emma, the designer, was my introduction to the industry; these days she's the big boss and the person you speak to most will be Anna, who seems to share my tendency to be dreadful to men-who-think-it's-cool-to-objectify-women-because-hey-lingerie online. It's probably a good thing me and her don't meet often or everyone would be in way more trouble.

These days, Playful have the main, quirky, flirty fashion line, which they are managing to do miracles in grading up to plus sizes and across bust sizes, and two other brands. Peek and Beau is their more budget-conscious and edgy lingeristas, and Bettie Page, their version of retro - which this year involved an underwire! I'm sworn to secrecy on how much of a nightmare and expense was involved but put it this way, I had to be revived with a stiff drink after I was told. And I'm pretty much teetotal. The next wave of Bettie Page is unleashed in April.

Jess wears Playful Promises full bust set, Fille J'dore wears Ayten Gasson silk teddy with Playful Promises Minimo

Photographer: Paul Winkler

Make-up and Hair: Emma Watts

House of Burlesque's Fillie JDore with Jess

Studio: Playful Promises

Ridiculous signs: graphic design Guru.gg, construction Joshua Horobin


Bra set by petite-bust specialists Little Women, worn by Twig with Playful Promises minimo


Bettsie BonBon wears Playful Promises bra set and Kiss Me Deadly cape.


Playful Promises are currently having a big reorganisation at the warehouse -  so no orders will be going out for a couple of days. As a thank you for your patience, they are offering 30% off with code BRB30OFF (not applicable to pre-orders or gift vouchers).

Hands up who actually remembers seeing the original TV series we took inspiration from for this superhero shoot, though?  Who would like to explain it to our younger fans?!