Deadly Mermaids: Winners!

Deadly Mermaids: Winners!

We seriously had massive problems deciding on this, not helped by the fact that I wasn’t very good at uploading entries all to the same album! But they were all so good, and I think it’s a testament to your involvement that this year we have pretty much sold out of a couple of the swimsuits that came in in April.

I don’t think anyone will be surprised that Logan wins, with an idea that she attempted to describe to me online initially and that frankly came over as extremely confusing at the time!

Then she sent them and I was enlightened as to how squashing yourself into a small desktop scanner is the way forward for a pretend underwater shoot. Never again will I doubt the creative genius. Plus she made her bathroom look like a beach.

Runner up, Sarah, got her fiancée to help and email us to meet the deadline, and wins largely for being able to work her angles and capture the light and all the Next Top Model jazz, but also we were really jealous of her trident.

Vanyanis wins another runner up spot partly for a beautiful picture but also because she wrote all about how to customise your bikini stop for a fuller bust! Genius!

Last but not least Hannah. You can hardly see the bikini but I don’t care because look at the story!

A big huge congratulations to all of the people who joined in; if you want to see everyon’s entry please check here.

Our next competition is a paint your own girdle one, and after that I promise one that requires no creativity at all!